...and more than IP...
IE, IT & Data Bescherming - Juridisch advies Intellectual Property, IT Lw, Cloud Contracts, Cookies & Data Protection Law Copyright, Trademarks & Designs IT Law & Commercial Contracts Voer hier uw omschrijving in.

JustIP...and a bit more than just IP

Specialized legal consulting on IP,IT, Media, Data Protection and International Commercial Contracts


Nowadays the practice of law is no longer limited by geographic location...

Al de voordelen van een in-house adviseur en/of van een nieuwe senior medewerker zonder de vaste bedrijfskosten...

Laat Het Nieuwe Werken voor u werken.

What we do:

Experienced freelance legal advice in the field of Intellectual Property, IT, (International) Commercial Contracts and Privacy.

As a virtual/and on site legal counsels we provide legal advice and offer an 'extra hand' to Law Firms, Companies, Medium and Small Businesses. You can expand the capability and expertise of your in-house legal team or of your firm when you need to.Our flexible approach helps in-house counsels and law firms to solve their IP/IT/Privacy and Commercial contract-management issues.

Offsite/virtual legal advisors have been used extensively in the US and UK for many years and are increasingly popular in Europe, offering an efficient, (cost)effective and qualitatively excellent alternative to hiring a new member of your team.

Thanks to our diverse and extensive international experience in the field of (International) IP and IT Law, Privacy and commercial contracts, we can meet the demand for an additional expertise without comporomising the quality of our advice and of our services.

Last but not least...We also offer independent legal advice to Dutch-based companies, individual and law firms, with interests in Italy.

Regardless of distances...we are always just a telephone call or a an email away.

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